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SoundWorks, Inc. produces and markets spoken word and music products on Compact Disc and DVD. From the beginning in 1992 when our founder, Jerry Dennon, a prolific recording-industry executive and producer, released our first “spoken-word” product, it was evident that a niche had been found. Since then SoundWorks has released over 60 Cds and 20+ videos on DVD. Individual as well as compilation projects include U.S. Presidents, politicians and world leaders in addition to rock n roll icons.

SoundWorks’ research and editing staff take pride in producing the highest quality products for our customers. Only original audio and video footage are used to bring the consumer the best historical productions. These products contain dramatic words from some of the most important speeches of modern times.

Our customers range from retail stores, museums, presidential libraries, universities, educators, catalogs and distributors to individuals purchasing products from this website. Their interests’ are varied. Whether it is for the historical researcher, the student preparing a project or a music enthusiast, SoundWorks makes available authentic, professional quality products to fit their needs.
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