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The Conservative Voice : Great Speeches That Define America's Right Vision : 2 DVD Set

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Disk 1:

1. Ronald Reagan – Nomination Acceptance • An ebullient Ronald Reagan humbly accepted the Republican presidential nomination in the Motor City. California’s former governor vowed he’d establish a liaison with all 50 state chief executives to help eliminate discrimination against women. Less than four months after that stirring July 17, 1980 acceptance speech, he posted a landslide victory over incumbent Jimmy Carter. Not only did Ronald Reagan’s candidacy unify our country, it renewed the American spirit.

2. Gerald Ford – “Whip Inflation Now” • In a refreshingly bold move,President Gerald Ford proved that he wouldn’t play politics with America’s future. Addressing Congress on October 8, 1974, he unveiled his plan to kick-start the economy through the “WIN” (“Whip Inflation Now”) program. A new tax proposal four weeks before a national election was politically unwise, but the nation needed leadership. Placing personal ramifications aside, an unselfish Ford provided it and will forever be remembered as a consummate winner.

3. Ronald Reagan – The Economy • Famously adept at cutting through the fog, Ronald Reagan reminded a joint session of Congress (April 28, 1981) that a courageous and determined America always aims for higher goals to meet great challenges. The president warned that repetition of policies that resulted in a miserable outcome was not an option. Instead, this dynamic leader encouraged the nation to chart a new course.

4. Sarah Palin – Southern Leadership Conference • Acknowledging the 2010 Super Bowl Champions with a “Go Saints” shout-out, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin once again sparkled, delivering a marvelously inspiring message in New Orleans at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (April 9, 2010). John McCain’s 2008 running mate was at the quadrennial event, which has featured every major Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

5. Ronald Reagan – Berlin Wall Address • Seldom does one specific speech vastly alter history but leave it to Ronald Reagan to do just that when he vehemently implored Communist Party General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this [Berlin] wall.” Speaking to the people of West Berlin, the president was also heard on the wall’s eastern side. Many consider Reagan’s goose bump-inducing June 12, 1987 address to commence the end of the Cold War; two years later, people of a free Berlin dismantled that wall.

Disc 2:

1. George W. Bush – Ground Zero • Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” teaches us that “brevity is the soul of wit,” a lesson George W. Bush undoubtedly embraced while speaking at Ground Zero (9/14/2001) three days after the infamous attacks on America. Although some of Bush’s bullhorn-delivered remarks were inaudible, the president powerfully – albeit succinctly – stated he heard the people he was consoling. More importantly, he promised those responsible for the gutless devastation would soon hear from the rest of America.

2. Barry Goldwater – Variety of Speeches • Many prominent figures were linked to the conservative movement yet it was Barry Goldwater who earned the “Mr. Conservative” moniker in the early-1960s. Contained on this priceless collector’s DVD are three campaign speeches/ads during Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign; three segments during his days as a U.S. senator; and one piece following his retirement in 1987.

3. Ronald Reagan – Tax Reform Act • An historic overhaul of our tax code and a sweeping victory for fairness occurred on October 22, 1986. That’s when Ronald Reagan signed into law the Tax Reform Act, which enabled America to have the lowest marginal tax rates and the most modern tax code among major industrialized nations. It was also hailed as the best job creation program ever to come out of Congress.

4. Newt Gingrich – CPAC • A wildly enthusiastic February 17, 2009 CPAC gathering was treated to an appearance by Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker of the House chided President Obama for wanting to punish companies that take jobs out of America. Businesses bringing jobs to this country – Gingrich stressed – should be rewarded.

5. George W. Bush – State of the Union • Undaunted that the nation was at war and the economy was in recession, a highly resolute George W. Bush delivered his post-9/11 state of the union address (January 29, 2002) by proclaiming America had never been stronger. When the chief executive called our troops into action on the war against terror, he did so with complete confidence in their courage and skill.

6. Dick Cheney – American Enterprise Institute • It is easy to understand why national security is a top priority for Dick Cheney since he was the first vice president with Secretary of Defense credentials. During his May 21, 2009 visit to the American Enterprise Institute, the ex-VP reflected on the 9/11 attacks by urging the country to focus on the continuing threat of terrorist violence and to stop those planning it.

7. Ronald Reagan – First Inaugural Address • It’s impossible not to swell with pride in the stunning way in which the Reagan presidency began. It was reminiscent of a classic Reagan movie as the 52 American hostages who had been held for 444 days in Iran were being released just as he delivered his 1981 inaugural address. 

Running Time:  123:05
Format: DVD 
UPC: 739497803091 
ISBN: 1-885959-52-4

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