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The Greatest Speeches of All-Time VHS

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Item Number: SWV 1001
This is a collection of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.

Video includes highlights of the following speeches:

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: An emotional FDR delivers his "State of the Union Address" after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
2. Sir Winston Churchill: The eloquence of the world's greatest orator is seen and heard as he captures the spirit of the English people during WWII.
3. General Douglas MacArthur: "Old Soldiers Never Die..." speech before a joint session of congress.
4. Harry S. Truman: The "Give'em Hell, Harry" President is seen and heard delivering his fiery political rhetoric.
5. John F. Kennedy: JFK speaks of "new frontiers" and the renewed faith in the American dream. Includes his inauguration speech "Ask Not" and "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" before millions in Germany.
6. Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.: Perhaps the most inspirational speaker of all-time. Rev. King is featured giving two memorable speeches, including his last.
7. Robert F. Kennedy: Interrupting a campaign stop in Indiana, RFK delivers a stunning impromptu eulogy of Martin Luther King shortly after hearing of his death.
8. Malcolm X: Controversial, outspoken and as poignant as ever, malcolm X delivers a speech in Harlem.
9. Richard M. Nixon: "I will resign this office effective noon tomorrow ..." was the last and most dramatic speech Mr. nixon gave in the oval office.
10. Ronald Reagan: President Reagan begins and ends his presidency with two of his greatest speeches.

Run time: 68:00
Format: VHS NTSC

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