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The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Vol.III

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"The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Volume III" is the third in a collection of highlights of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.

1. Will Rogers Campaign Rally with FDR - 1932
2. Huey Long Addressing Congressional Staff Members on the "re-distribution of wealth" - December 11, 1943
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Second Inaugural Address - January 20, 1937
4. George S. Patton speaking in Los Angeles for War Bond Support - June 12, 1945
5. John L. Lewis Congressional Testimony on Mining Disaster and calling for ousting of the Secretary of the Interior - April 3, 1947
6. Attorney Joseph Welch, representing the Army, faces off with Sen. Joseph McCarthy - April 22, 1954
7. V.P. Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev inspecting an exhibit of a "modern kitchen" at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow - July 24, 1959
8. Hubert Humphrey addresses farm workers during the Presidential Primary race - March 14, 1960
9. John F. Kennedy speaking to the nation on the introduction of Civil Rights Legislation - June 11, 1963
10. New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller addresses the Republican National Convention - July 14, 1964
11. Robert F. Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City - August 27, 1964
12. U.S. Representative Barbara Jordan speaking during the Impeachment Hearings of Richard Nixon - July 25, 1974
13. President Gerald Ford announcing to the nation a Pardon for Richard Nixon - September 8, 1974
14. Jimmy Carter from the White House addresses the Nation on the growing Energy Crisis - July 15, 1979
15. President Ronald Reagan at the National Association of Evangelicals Convention - March 23, 1983

Running Time: 43:00
Format: CD
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ISBN: 1-885959-72-9

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