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The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Vol.II VHS

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This is another collection of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.

Video includes highlights of the following speeches:

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: 1st Inaugural Address featuring the famous "... fear itself" address. - March 4, 1933
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Answers the assertion that he feasts on "Grilled Millionaires". - December 5, 1938
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Teamsters Union Banquet, Hotel Statler in Washington D.C. - September 23, 1944
4. Richard M. Nixon: As running ate to Dwight D. Eisenhower, the future Vice President addresses the TV audience with his "Checkers Speech". - September 23, 1952
5. John F. Kennedy: Proposing a "Test Ban Treaty" at American University. - June 10, 1963
6. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Speaking at Brown Chapel in Selma, Alabama. - March 8, 1965
7. Barry Goldwater: The nominee for President addresses the Republican National Convention in San Francisco. - July 16, 1964
8. Ronald Reagan: Making an early political speech in support of the Goldwater-Miller G.O.P. ticket. - October 27, 1964
9. Ronald Reagan: Address at the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin Wall) during the president's second term. - June 12, 1987
10. Mario Cuomo: Speaking at the Democratic National Convention held in San Francisco. - July 16, 1984
11. Jesse Jackson: At a political rally in Tendley Baptist Church, Philadelphia. - January 16, 1984
12. George H.W. Bush: Address to Joint Session of Congress and the Nation following Desert Storm Victory. - March 6, 1991
13. William Jefferson Clinton: Speech commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. - June 6, 1994
14. William Jefferson Clinton: 2nd Inaugural Address, Washington D.C. - January 20, 1997

Running Time: 94:30
Format: VHS NTSC

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