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Victor Borge VHS

Price: $19.99
Item Number: SWV 1002
Vintage Comedy and Musical Performances of Victor Borge from the early days of radio.

Includes highlights of rare wartime radio broadcasts from Kraft Music Hall and his summer replacement show for Fibber McGee and Molly as well as Borge performing his greatest routines in the early days of television on Cavalcade of Stars with Jackie Gleason, Colgate Comedy Hour with Abbott & Costello and Hollywood Palace with Bing Crosby. The salute to the comedy genius of Victor Borge is introduced by Victor Ives, host of The Golden Age of Radio heard daily across the USA. Ives describes these classic performances as being representative of Borge at the height of his verve and vitality.

When you order the Video the Cassette is included Free!

Runtime: 60:00

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